Category: Philosophy

The wise worda of my higher self and the wise words of the enlightening source.

Being scared to follow your passion

​In yiddish we have a saying “man makes plans and god laughs” Your higher self can see the big picture. 

People that are ment to be in your life will support you on your dreams. If your afraid, good it means what you want is worth it. 

When I have intense feelings Inwill start making art, somw of my greatest insites have come from those pieces.

In the words of Bashar “Follow what most excites you”. Your mission in life is to follow your excitment, life is spontaneous. Responsibility will come when and in the amount that you are ready and your mind won’t tell you that, your heart will.
Enlightenment is going with instinct and heart based perspectives. Not reacting but feeling and letting those feeling information settle, meditation on the feelings, live that way and trust me you will enjoy the magic.