Equality? or Corruption?

Do you think that we live in a fair society?

“From l950 to l970, for every $1 gain of the bottom 90 percent of the population, the top 0.01 percent gained $162. Between l990 and 2003, for every $1 gain by the bottom 90 percent of the population, the top 0.01 percent gained $18,000. “(From Sea to Shining Sea: The Degradation of Social Welfare Under Neoliberalism)


Hay Administration, listen to this declaration!

We need to tie these loose yarn ends together and see the connection.

We need to look at developed nations, that have comprehensive health care.

We need to emulate workers rights, where there is parental paid leave.

We need to see that this country was built on immigrants and treat them with respect and give them equity.

We need to understand that Womxyn, LGBTQIA are people that create great advancements. These people should be paid equally.

We need to recognize intersectionality, yes black, trans, impoverished, with a disability, is still a person.

We need to end factory farming.

We need to have a vegan nation, in the meantime, let’s stop killing animals and teach plant-based nutrition. Let’s invest in super meat (Lab-grown animal meat)

For those who won’t go vegan, let’s invest in super meat (Lab-grown animal meat)

Everyone pays taxes, so why do the CEO’s feel they don’t have to?

I refused to live in slave nation.

We need to recognize that human trafficking happens in this country and it needs to stop.


Materialism is not American, it is lethal.

We have to invest more in education, less than 3%? Let’s try 20%.

We need to realize that sex education prevents unwanted pregnancy better than abstinence and slut shaming brainwashing ever can.


We need to teach, show, and support love. If you had love would you destroy the world? I know you hurt too corrupt politicians. No amount of yachts or trafficked womxyn can give you what you desire.

via Daily Prompt: Yarn


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