Insomnia Without Choice

Insomnia without choice,

Wish I could breath,
But deeply not advised,
This place is cursed with polluted tides,

I remember the day we used to treat her well,
Now, we will all walk off the cliffs to wish for something better than this hell

Fleeting lights, dizzy spells, quenched for thirst,

lets break this spell,

take the nets, bags and spears,

wear the gloves and masks, and goggles if you must,

Lets move this debris of human misery, out of here for thee

Maybe then I can sleep, maybe then my belly will rise and fall,

knowing I did my part, to fix it all.

If you were inspired by my poem under the image are some easy everyday habits to do your part to save the world and your mind.


May we all lay in the way nature intended. Lets fight our depression to fix the mess of our ancestors.

Reduce and reuse:stop buying packaging that can’t decompose or can’t be reused, try getting things with glass and carrying your own bottles and containers. Change to a healthier and kinder diet: Go vegan, at least do the 30 day vegan challenge so that you can dramatically reduce your animal product intake, humans really shouldn’t be eating animal products more than once or twice a month. If the whole world went 2/3rd vegan or vegetarian mostly vegan and the rest were vegan 6 days a week, we could fix the green house gas admissions with in 1-3 years. Making your own food instead of eating out helps, and you can carry it with you. 

This also includes avoiding things like leather, wool, silk, artificial dyes and colors, and other toxins and carcinogens and plastics.  Also the world needs to go back to small farming and organics, no pesticides, herbicides, or radiation.

With how much pollution is in the air, water, land, to stay healthy people also need to do organ, especially liver and intestinal cleanse 2-4+ times a year depending on how polluted your environment is and using water filters or getting fresh water from non polluted streams.

Make sure to eat things like dandelion greens, and plenty of big organic salads. If organic food is not available team up with your neighbors and start community gardens or backyard gardens Permablitz  is a great example of community cooperation.


DON’T GIVE UP! Together we can reverse a lot of damage, and save ourselves. It takes being active and connecting with those around you! 



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