Month: May 2016

The wind erodes the muck so that the light Shines through

From one year ago “Om Nama Shivaya friends. I just experienced a yoga retreat that was 4 days of magic. No cell service, just a group of yogis having a beautiful time, a community built even stronger. In the hard times that followed, I remembered the love of life. We must feel the feelings suppressed, to let them go. So our hearts grow bigger until there is no more sorrow to hold.”


It seems my philosophy hasn’t changed. Our souls hold the Karmic knowledge, peace and pain of all it’s lives. As we give permission to feel we are able to release. Slowly but surely we throw away the dirt that clouds our divine light. Once the doors are open, we can let even more light in. Blossoming like the lotus in all it’s glory.

Misted Forest