Month: March 2016

The eroding pair

A jagged coin and a gear

similar in shape, differ in function

the needs to be fulfilled are from opposite ends of the Earth

One wishes to jingle in a pocket the other move inside a clock

like the coal to the flame, or the wave to the sandbar

one exists to destroy the other

unable to leave

fear of the unknown

they rather kill each other

than to be alone

Driving through the Fog

Driving on Hwy 101 in blanked fog,

is like waiting to collide into walls.

Until we see the back-lights,

we can’t help but feel anxious.

Decelerating but never stopping,

breath calming,

a slight red glow in the distance,

Hope is yet, not for those who folly.

Shine and blink,

Let yourself be seen,

You never know when you become the beacon,

for a fading light.