Month: February 2016

Sides of sinking into a hole

She stood at the peak of the mountain, the wind separating her hair, when suddenly like a satellite explosion,

she was thrown down from the perch, rolling into a pit, quickly sunk into a hole, 7 feet: she looks up, just enough to hear the roots of the Dove above,

8 feet: the hand’s, the left is gashed, the right only slightly cut, black, syrup of poisoned words , form in the center, and drip down the temples, leaving dried sewage to weigh her down like brass bells, spilling through her nostrils, and out of the corners seams, that once held a smile, now nine feet: tears reverse into a trap of nails around the lungs,

10 feet: confusion of current state, comparison of grander highs,
12ft feet: she jumps for a outstreched root,

Gazing below 18 feet, sending wishes of pleading paper planes, to change her ideals to strands of lights,

20 feet: crisp shaking in her voice, quivering visions ofdeath, No! It’s not an option, like a transperant journal,

24 feet her hands dig deep into Earths Skin, the toes clutch unbinding sands,
20 feet breath becomes regular, 18 feet: speckled granite bounces off her head, 16 feet: Hope is draining as her forehead pounds the tombs unfinished walls,

Her left palm begins to tingel, heat sparking, and twirling into a large pearl,
Prayer: “Please come in, energy ignite my once remembered strength!”

Like a swan’s first summer swim,
White streams of light rush into the cranium, dissipating then evaporating the blackened gooe, warmth opens the pours and revitalize the veins,

Soul’s window blinds roll up and her courage digs the elbows in,
5 feet: a swift breeze of lemongrass and baby’s breath, a mighty slap the nails are welcomed by feathered green blades and tickles of pollies,

Expanding arches, and  needed releases, she out stretches into the warmth of liquid warming rays,

With a sweet, and gentil declaration ” I have no need for worry of action. For it is my thoughts, my intentions that are the weights of my happiness. All will come and go, only now decides my true path. I can relax. For all choices are brought with confidence. I am worthy, I am ampel, I am adequate!”


College a Pit of Dream

College a Pit of Dream,
Suppressing the bird’s spread thin wings
Sometimes I really wonder, why I am even trying to do the whole college thing, what am I doing?
I find these past 3 weeks filled with a bottomless agony that only sitting in nature with chirps of the birds and the sweet smells of the flowers that can change my mind.
I wonder, am I doing the right thing?
I keep starting and stopping things, having to take long breaths.
Am I afraid to follow my dreams without college?
I have learned a lot from college..but even more from certification programs, and living spontaneously.
I observe the unrest, and unhealthy mental attitudes of most college students,
Suppressing their tears with stress filled coffee cups and throbbing headaches.
It could also be, just living in all this pollution,
Spending on average 1-2 hours in the car a day.
As I drive the streets, the guilt piles in.
I am kidding myself. Can I really last?
Playing with the sand at the beach, my smiles are so temporary, little kicks of happiness to push me threw, well to what?
I have dreams, that fill a cup.
I know I am happy when I dance, when I sing, when I act on stage, when I teach.
I know, I want to learn more, but wait, this path, I question the very floor that supports my feet.
This illusion of security.

Ladybug Tree-house

I lay with green sprawling skyward friends,
Inside an open tea mound,
Red with black spotted friends,
Some more orange,
Little dots, and paint drops
Surround the wooden eyed frames,
Warm legs, and graceful breeze,
Smells of earthly brewed seeps,
propTed up with seated squares,
Merely basking in synchronicity,
The trust of qi brought me here,
The ladybug tree house, smiles upon, lucky loves of comforting omens